Do you run kids classes?

We do conduct children's classes in the form of school holiday workshops and incursions in schools, kinders and OSHC's. Once we move to a new premises, we will be able to run them in-house and then offer after school programs. 

What is the minimum age to attend an adults class.

It is a requirement of our insurance policy that machinery is only operated by participants aged over 18. If there is a class that does not involve dangerous power tools etc, we will advertise from 15 years and a guardian.

Where are your adult classes conducted?

Our adult classes are currently conducted at our workshop at unit 10, 5 Victoria Drive, Parafield Gardens

I am in a wheelchair, can i participate in your classes?

We will make best efforts to accomodate anyone with a disability to allow them the opportunity to participate in our classes. There are safety and practicality issues around this however, which we can discuss on a case by case basis. 

Please be aware that our current workspace isn't accessible as it is an old building with varying floor levels. When we move locations, we will be able to further accomodate accessibility needs.


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