Introduction to Woodwork

Please note introduction to woodwork is a direct replacement of our former 10x3 class.

Over eight consecutive, three hour classes, discover the joy of working with your hands and creating with timber. Catering for beginners, this class will look at handtools, how to use them and how they work, powertools and relevant machinery. Timber is a beautiful material to work with and there are many, many species which each have their own little quirks that you'll get used to over time. Everyone has their favourite and I think mine would be black walnut. 

Most of our classes are practical based so there isn't a lot of time staring at a projector, we all learn by getting hands on with the material.

Over the period of the 8 classes we'll take a look at the following;

  • Tools used in woodwork - a thorough look at both machine and hand tools used in the construction process. Operating them safely and practically and how to get the most from them. 
  • Material Preparation
  • Basic construction methods in furniture marking
  • Accurate marking out and drawings
  • Joinery- try your hand at various joinery methods, both old and new age
  • How it all comes together during the assembly process
  • Surface preparation prior to applying a finish
  • How to apply a finish (a look at various finishes and their suitability)


Cost: $849