Open Workshop Classes

Interested in working on your own project using our workspace, tools and assistance? 


Perhaps there's a particular chopping board or coffee table you'd love to build, or a certain thing you cant buy from the store to fit in a certain place because it isn't a standard size. Our open workshop may be the perfect choice! 

Pricing is $75 for 3 hours of workshop time plus any materials. You will be shown how to use various pieces of equipment and hand tools/techniques at a pace that suits you and your project's requirements. 

We ask at this stage that you only work on small-medium sized projects as we are currently short on storage space. That means dining tables are off the cards for now!

Currently we are only taking bookings for Monday night's from 5pm-8pm. If you would like to suggest a different time to attend an open class, please contact us and we'll see what can be arranged.


To enquire about these sessions please contact Taylor directly.

E: M:0435 220 354