"Ten By Three" Weekly Class

Our introduction to woodwork class 'TENBYTHREE' provides a longer term opportunity to learn essential techniques and build on exisiting and new skills learned. Over a 10 week block of 3 hour classes, you will learn the basics of what is required to construct a piece of furniture, and then have the opportunity to move to an open class where you can work on a project of your own. 


You will learn to become familiar with what is required to take a lifeless board of timber and with preparation, joinery and finishing skills developed throughout the course, turn it into a functional, timeless object.

Projects completed during the 10x3 Class are:

  • Bench Hook
  • Heirloom Cutting Gauge
  • Mallet
  • Tool Tote

These projects have been selected to exercise some basic joinery techniques that you can master overtime.

Total cost is $990 for ten, three hour sessions or 30 total hours of lesson time.

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