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Adelaide School of Woodwork

April Mothers Day School Holiday Workshops

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We're able to run a limited amount of kids workshops these school holidays, choose from two different projects a picture ledge or a jewellery stand. Either would make a wonderful mothers-day gift.

Each workshop will run for appx 1hr and everything required is provided.

Both of these projects are suitable for all ages (4-17)

Each workshop is limited to 4 students plus their parents/guardians.

Picture Ledge activities include cutting drilling, driving screws and dowels, gluing pieces and clamping them, sanding and using a small hand plane. The picture ledge will be accompanied with some hardware to mount it to your wall and some basic mounting instructions. *The picture ledge weight capacity is 5kg and its length is 59cm.

Jewellery stand activities include Cutting, drilling, hammering gluing, sanding, using a small hand plane. Please note, mum will need to supply her own Jewellery, or you'll need to buy her some - because she deserves the best!

Two time slots per day are available to book, 10am-11am or 1pm-2pm, if you'd like to do both, you can pop out for some lunch in between classes.

Please note this is not a drop off service and you are required to stay and assist your child/children during the workshop.