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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Bandsaw Setup and Use Workshop

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Learn to love your bandsaw!

Bandsaws are often seen as complicated to use, while this can be the case; it's often caused by the machine not being setup correctly or honed for the task at hand. 

In this workshop we'll look at all the basics of bandsaws right through to resawing larger boards into thinner ones as well as making some jigs and using them.

This workshop runs for appx 3 hours and we'll Demonstrate the following:

  • Selecting a Bandsaw for your woodworking needs
  • How to fold and unfold a bandsaw blade
  • Selecting the right blades for your task
  • Installing a blade
  • Setting up the guide system
  • How to correctly tension your blade
  • Setting up the rip fence

We'll also look at the following techniques

  • How to resaw a board into thinner pieces (Hands on)
  • How to cut curves (Hands on)
  • How to cut a circle using a jig (Demonstration Only)
  • How to make a small bandsaw box (Demonstration Only)

& more!  (time permitting)

The bandsaw we'll be demonstrating on is a Laguna 14-12 bandsaw. We also have a smaller Carbatec 10" bandsaw which we'll use to demonstrate setting up bearing style guides.

 Attendance Requirements: 18+