Childrens Earmuffs

Childrens Earmuffs

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When buying earmuffs, especially for children, be sure to demand an earmuff that is manufactured to AS/ NZS1270 Such as these.

The M08 Prowler is an Australian Standard approved earmuff. It has been certified by SAI Global with Class 4, 24dB protection. Look for the 5 ticks logo of approval.

The lightweight earmuffs ensures you have great hearing protection yet experiencing only 12.1N of clamping force. This ensures a comfortable all day wear. The padding on the earmuff and head band cushioning is durable yet soft.

The striking Blue and true Pink colours helps you convince young ones to wear them when it matters most. The Prowler collapses to a small ball, for ease of carrying.

We stock these earmuffs in blue, if you are after the pink version, please contact us to order.

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