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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Leather Strop

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Sharpening your tools on stones is all for nothing if the burr isn't removed at the end of the sharpening process. We consider stropping the back and bevel of your planes and chisels to be an essential step, we talk alot about this in our sharpening class, which you can checkout here.

We make these strops in house, they are made from recycling tiny strips which would usually end up as firewood or waste. Colour and timber species will vary from strop to strop. These are unique and handmade.

We offer two sizes, a 200mm and 300mm long version, both are appx 50mm in width. They are designed to be held in a vice or on a non skid pad when being used.

You can condition the leather surface with some light oil, and use a polishing compound (veritas, flexcut or autosol etc) during the stropping process.