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Melbourne Tool Company (MTC)

Low Angle Block Plane

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This Low Angle Block Plane from Melbourne Tool Company is a great combination of affordability and quality.

What is a a block plane?

A block plane is a small plane which can be used in a lot of applications single handed. Low angle block planes particularly, are incredibly useful for planing end-grain, for example, flushing up some proud dovetails even with a surface. 

One thing to note about this particular design is the Norris style adjustment mechanism. The Norris style adjuster combines the advancement wheel (depth of cut) with the lateral adjustment required for the blade to cut evenly with the surface. This makes the setup or modification to the setup of the plane on the fly, easy and simple.

The Adjustable throat (or toe) of the plane means the gap between the blade and the body of the plane can be closed up to provide increased support for small shavings (such as end-grain) or can be opened up to allow for a heavier shaving to pass through. 

These hand planes were designed in Melbourne and are manufactured in China. From what we have seen, the quality, fit and finish and overall care is very good and considering the price, makes for a very affordable addition to your toolkit.


  • Supplied balde, M2 HSS ground to 25degrees
  • Bed Angle 12 Degrees.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Owners Manual: