Short Course

Machining 101

Flat, straight and square timber is essential for success in most woodworking projects. Trying to create projects that were not supposed to be 'rustic' is generally difficult or impossible without knowing the ins and outs of how to get it right.

Although planing materials to dimension by hand is considered therapeutic, its not generous towards the little time you already have to spend on your hobby. There are plenty of other aspects of this craft that you can sink traditional skills into like learning to dovetail!

This course won't turn you into a qualified timber machinist overnight, but if you participate in another class with us or choose to purchase this type of equipment for your own home workshop, you'll be far better equipped to use the tools correctly and safely.

Machining 101

Machining 101

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Try your hand at:

    • - Selecting timber for safe machining

    • - Determining grain direction

    • - Safest use of the jointer

    • - Safest use of the thickness planer

    • - Rough Cutting to length

    • - Handling long lengths of timber

    • - Marking, measuring and making final cuts

    • - Safe rip cuts on the tablesaw

    • - Checking for square, straightness and flatness

    • - Marking timber surfaces to eliminate error

Tools you will use

  • - Combination planer/thicknesser

  • - Tablesaw

  • - Sliding compound mitre saw

  • - Cordless Jigsaw


Things you need to know

    • - Please bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated

    • - Wear appropriate clothing ( Strictly nothing loose fitting, including jewelry)

    • - Enclosed Shoes (not negotiable in the workshop)

    • - Minimum age is 18 years
    • - Minimum attendance age for this class is 18yrs

    • - Class duration is 4 Hours or 4.5 hours over a lunch period