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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Milescraft Drillmate Drill Guide

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Firstly, this is not intended to replace a drill press, but in certain situations, even a drill press won't do the job as even they can be limited. 

This drill guide presents great value at an even better price than some 'competitive' products. 

The guide features a depth stop and spring to support the weight of the drill you are using. Rubber feet help prevent the jig from moving around while holding it in-place during drilling. For more support you can always attach a timber baseplate to broaden the existing baseplate.

We recently put this particular drill guide to the test during our workbench workshop to add 3/4" dog holes to the bench-top. A perfect example of when a drill press isn't the right tool, and this jig proved to be the perfect problem solver!

  • Check capacity 3/8" (appx 9.5mm)
  • Capable of drilling up to a 45deg hole.