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Milescraft Turnlock Router Base Plate Set

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This is hands down the best value router baseplate available in the Australian market. 

The ability to use guide bushings with your touter is something we always cover during our popular routing workshops. A guide bushing allows the cutter to be lowered into the workpiece while the guide bush is engaged with the edge of a template, or jig etc. 

Every router manufacturer's hole patterns in their router base vary, so that's where this baseplate comes into a world of its own. Rather than pre-drilled holes, there is a range of slots formed into the plate, giving more flex-ability. 

The Kit includes the baseplate, a centering cone (used to accurately locate and position the plate to the cutter) And an assortment of guide bushings. There is also a standard guide bush adaptor if you already own or would prefer to use standard steel or brass guide bushings.

Some screws to attach your base to your router are included but you may need to purchase the correct ones for your router as the threads vary between brands.