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Pony Jorgensen

Professional Pipe Clamp Heads

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Pipe clamps have been around for many years, You purchase some 20mm or 3/4" id steel pipe and the clamp heads, and you have a clamp! the longer the pipe, the longer the clamp.

Until now, finding affordable, decent quality options was difficult. And we know that there's nothing worse than being in the middle of a glue-up and being frustrated by cheap clamps. 

Pipe clamps are an economical clamping option for panel glue-ups where you'll often want as many clamps as you have access to. These Pipe clamps from Pony Jorgensen feature extended feet, so you can tighten the clamp without rubbing your knuckles on your bench, and an adjustable foot to keep the clamp elevated and level. 

Due to increased demand for the product, you can now find the correct pipe even at the big green hardware chains, One end of the pipe must be threaded, and the pipe must be 3/4" or 20mm ID, galvanised or black water pipe. 

PIPE NOT INCLUDED. This product combined with galvanised pipe will give you one complete clamp. We would recommend you purchase two, so you have a pair of clamps.