Robot Buddy Project Kit

Robot Buddy Project Kit

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 This cool little project is great for the younger woodworkers but can still be great fun for the older ones too. Your robot buddy  kit contains the head, body, legs and arm timber blocks aswell as the rope required to hold him all together! 

A budget friendly kit to kick your woodworking journey off or a great little gift idea.

You'll need to drill holes to complete this project kit, so either a cordless or hand drill will be required.

Once built, you can decorate your robot buddy however you like, like drawing or painting access panels etc.

What's included:


  • Required timber components

  • Cotton rope

  • Access to instructions to make this project



Tools & Consumables Required:

    • Hand Drill or small cordless drill for pre drilling of nails
    • 6mm Drill Bit
    • Suitable Work Surface & Clamp to secure pieces while drilling
    • Ruler, Pencil, Eraser etc
    • Non toxic paint etc to personalise your robot
    • Safety Glasses