Routing Masterclass

Routing Masterclass

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Class duration: appx 3.5 hours

The Router is my absolute, favourite tool for woodworking. The level of versatility that this single tool provides is unparalleled and its uses are only limited by two things, your imagination and having the right type of cutter on hand.

This routing masterclass is perfect for beginners or those who already own a router and have used it but may be looking to pickup lots of tips and tricks on how you can get better results from this tool. 

Frequently asked & answered questions in this class include:

  • How can a router improve my woodwork?

  • Soft start, what is it and when would I need it?

  • I only have the budget for one router, should I go for a trim or a plunge router?

  • I get burning when I'm profile routing, how can I practically solve this?

  • Do I need a router table and how would I use one?

  • What is a jig and why would I bother making one?

What we aim to cover in this class:

  • What you need to know when purchasing your router

  • How to correctly hold and use a router for safe results

  • Why Jigs and the advantages of making them

  • Jig Design & Construction

  • Learn about guide  bushings, how to fit them and when they're useful

  • Learn about pattern following router bits

  • Grain direction when pattern routing - work arounds

  • How to make templates for pattern routing

  • Choosing a router to buy for yourself

  • Bit selection

  • How to safely handle a router

  • Feed direction & speeds

  • Correctly inserting and tightening a cutter

What you'll need to bring:

  • Stay hydrated, bring a water bottle

  • Snacks to keep you going

  • A router if you have one! (we can take a look at it and have a look at your machines features etc to make sure you are familiar with its capabilities)

  • A notebook is great for taking down tips and tricks

Important Information:

  • Minimum attendance age is 18 Years.

  • Please wear appropriate clothing for the workshop!

  • Enclosed shoes are a requirement to enter the workshop

  • Please remove any loose hanging jewellery and tie back long hair