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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Workshop: Advanced Routing

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In this advanced routing class, we'll explore further capabilities of the plunge router in applications such as joinery, template work and using a router table effectively.

Each participant will also build and take home their own mortising jig during this class.

The Router is my absolute, favourite tool for woodworking. The level of versatility that this single tool provides is unparalleled and its uses are only limited by two things, your imagination and having the right type of cutter on hand.

It is expected that you have some level of experience with using a router when attending this class, We will do a refresher of some of the basics but mostly will be focussing on more advanced techniques.

Important Information about this class below

  • What to wear

    You must wear enclosed shoes to enter our workspace. we recommend wearing a short sleeve shirt, remove any jewellery and tie back any long hair.

  • What to bring

    Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your class. We recommend bring a notebook if you wish to take notes and you are welcome to bring a snack so you're sustained for the duration of your class. You can also bring your own PPE (Earmuffs & Glasses) or use the ones provided.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If you are required to quarantine or isolate due to Exposure to COVID-19, Notify us immediately and we will waive the cancellation Fee. Read our full cancellation Policy HERE.

  • Our location

    We're conveniently located in Parafield Gardens just off port Wakefield road. We can easily be accessed from the southern suburbs via the motorway. Our address is Unit 10,5-7 Victoria Drive, Parafield Gardens, SA 5107. You can find us on Apple & Google Maps.

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