Short Course

Sharpening with waterstones

Not only do using sharp tools make woodworking safer, they make it even more enjoyable! With a focus on the maintenance and use of waterstones, you'll learn what it takes to create a sharp edge on those plane blades and chisels.
Waterstones are great to sharpen with for the home woodworker with as they are relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and are one of the most forgiving sharpening mediums to learn on. We will cover storing & flattening stones, using a jig to hold your chisel or plane blade, the sharpening process as a whole, stropping the edge and more!.

Sharpening with waterstones

Sharpening with waterstones

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Try your hand at:

    • - How to store & maintain the stones & equipment

    • - What makes for a sharp edge

    • - How to setup & use a honing guide

    • - How to use a leather strop & More!

Tools you will use

  • - Japanese style water stones

  • - Ceramic flattening stone

  • - Veritas MKII Honing guide

  • - Leather Strop


Things you need to know

    • - Please bring your own water bottle

    • - Please wear appropriate clothing (nothing loose fitting, including jewellery)

    • - The Minimum attendance age for this class is 18yrs or 15 Years with an accompanying adult

    • - Bring any blunt tools you wish to sharpen and we will show you how! - If you haven't got any dull tools yet, we can lend you some ;)

    • - An Apron if you have one will help keep your clothes clean and dry