Sword & Shield Project Kit

Sword & Shield Project Kit

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Our Sword kits will begin shipping by October 29

Your little viking will love this wooden sword and shield project kit. Great for creative play and a really cool little gift. The entire shield is constructed from solid timber and the shield is assembled using nails, which are pre drilled first using either a hand drill or small cordless drill. There will be cutting required to shape the shield exterior and this can be done with a coping saw, jigsaw or bandsaw.

What's included:

  • Timber components for shield and sword
  • Cotton rope to wrap sword and shield handle
  • Required nails for assembly
  • Access to instructions on how the kit is built

Tools & Consumables Required:

  • Coping Saw to cut the profile of the shield & tip of sword
  • Hand Drill or small cordless drill for pre drilling of nails
  • Cross Pein hammer or similar, suitable for the age of the child
  • Wood glue (choose a strong, non toxic glue)
  • 1.5mm Pilot Drill Bit
  • Suitable Work Surface & Clamp to secure pieces while holding and cutting.