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Micro Jig

Table Saw Dado Stop Basic

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MatchFit Dado Stop – Perfect dados with zero guesswork

The MicroJig MATCHFIT Dado Stop allows for flawless dado cuts when making lap joints and inlays without a dado blade.

Cutting dados often requires careful setup and precise measurement followed by extensive testing. This dado stop takes all that frustration away. The intuitive design accounts for runout and registers off the actual inlay material allowing for precise dados without measuring, marking or testing. Setup takes just a few seconds.

How to use the Dado Stop

  1. Template the blade kerf.
  2. Set Lag 2 to cut one shoulder, accounting for the kerf.
  3. Set Leg 3 to match the inlay material.
  4. Cut both outside shoulders, registering off Legs 1 and 3.
  5. Clear out the remaining material from the centre.