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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Toolbox Project Kit (Seconds SALE)

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these may have minor defects or be made from varying Timbers. These imperfections or differences don’t affect the overall project or it’s construction and are primarily cosmetic! 
We have a limited run of 11 kits for this sale. 

take advantage of this pricing for a future birthday or Christmas present. 

Minimal tools are required for this project to be completed with. Nails are included in each kit. 

available until sold out.


Constructed from Pine with Plywood sides and an MDF bottom with a timber dowel handle, this tool box kit is a great beginners project for the little ones. There is no cutting involved in the construction of this kit, just some pre drilling for some nails to hold it all together, which can be achieved using a hand drill or small cordless drill.

Recommended for ages 4-7

What's included:

  • Timber components for the toolbox
  • Required nails for assembly
  • Access to instructions on how the kit is built

Tools & Consumables Required:

  • Hand Drill or small cordless drill for pre drilling of nails
  • Cross Pein hammer or similar, suitable for the age of the child
  • Wood glue (choose a strong, non toxic glue)
  • 1.5mm Pilot Drill Bit
  • Suitable Work Surface & Clamp to secure pieces while holding and cutting.
  • Ruler, Pencil, Eraser etc