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Adelaide School of Woodwork

Workshop: Knife Sharpening by hand

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In this workshop you'll learn all about sharpening knives, by hand using stones.

You're instructor in this workshop will be Jack from Jacks Knife Sharpening, He is one of the only people who sharpen knives by hand here in Adelaide. 

During the class you'll learn the technique of sharpening knives by hand using whetstones and explore other types of sharpening mediums that may be used. Jack will also run you through some info about knife steel and cutting edge geometry.

You'll also learn about basic edge repair for those knives which have had a harder life! 

We're super excited about this class as it is a unique offering here in Adelaide.

Limited to 4 students, 18 and over.

You can bring a selection of kitchen knives and Jack will decide which ones can be sharpened during the 1.5hr class duration.